The Process

We provide our services to you on-site or we can come and box up your files straight from the shelves, storage room or warehouse and transport them safely to our secure service bureau for processing. Your documents will be inventoried and stored in our temperature-controlled environment. Your files are still available to you via e-mail, fax or delivery while being processed.

Our staff will perform a series of procedures in the imaging process:

  • prepare and organize your files
  • capture quality scans of your documents (high resolution, binary, grayscale or color)
  • quality control check and verify your images
  • build the user-defined database for retrieval
  • Index data (fielded, OCR or ICR)
  • Deliver imagery on your preferred media or via VPN
  • Shred or return original documentation

Scanned images can be returned in a variety of formats, such as: TIFF, PDF, JPEG, etc.

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