What is FastFiles®?

FastFiles® for Documents is our exclusive Document Management solution for fast and secure retrieval and distribution of scanned business files. FastFiles® resides in both WINDOWS® and UNIX® environments to compliment most business network platforms.

FastFiles® provides for data and image files storage, classification, access, mining, analysis and retrieval of disparate data. These data can be stored internally, externally or both. Many data types are supported, such as:

  • Web pages
  • Email
  • Word Processing Documents
  • Spreadsheet Data
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Structured Drawings
  • And More!

These can all be accessed, searched and retrieved from a flexible repository where these nominally unrelated data can be linked together.

The FastFiles® Document Management system currently allows for these additional functions:

  • Sending To Do reminders
  • Emailing content
  • Timed content retrieval
  • Standard highlight, mask and note annotations

User-requested custom modules can be created for an additional fee, such as access to internal databases or computer generated report output, annotation options such as image, stamp, audio, video and HotLink and FastFiles® Mobile, etc.